Outsource Quotation-

making Services

Send us your RFQs, we’ll make sure it will be in

your desk signature-ready in no time.

Outsource Drafting Services

We’ll do your mechanical drafting needs, let us

know what you want, send us your sketch, we will

do the rest.

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Here’s how quotation-making works

1. Customer sends an RFQ thru email, what’s up, SMS, or other means; 2. We do the product costing, apply all pre-agreed costs calculation, and overheads, and prepares the quotation; 3. Print the quotation in PDF file using a quotation template earlier agreed with the customer; 4. Sends the quotation to the customer by email; 5. We bill the customer on a per page basis or fixed monthly fee.

Here’s how drafting services works

1. You tell our draftsman what you want; 2. Just like how it works in a physical office, you might need to sketch a certain details, email it to us. The draftsman asks few questions, and when the project is all clear, our draftsman starts the work; 3. We then tells you the estimated completion time; 4. Once finished, we email it to you in PDF format, or to an agreed format; 5. We bill you on a per page, per project, or a fixed monthly fee.

If you’re a GRP Manufacturer, a Contractor,

a Businessman who plans to open a GRP

Pipes & Fittings manufacturing business

1. You can send us your questions or queries at a cost; 2. Once we receive your question, we’ll let you know the price of our answer; 3. After agreeing the price and you paying the amount, we will email you the answer. Go to our query page.