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1. What is the standard minimum distance between 2 GRP buried pipes? 2. What is the minimum burial depth of a GRP pipe for installation with traffic loads? [see sample answer] 3. Make a Method Statement for GRP Pipe in-situ cutting. [see sample answer] 4. What is STIS? 5. Make a design calculation for the appropiate laminate overlay weld for DN1200, PN16 GRP pipe, joined by butt-wrap lamination. [see sample answer] 6. Make an AWWA M45 design verification calculation check for a GRP pipe DN600, PN10, SN10000. 7. Make a Method State for PVC Fitting in-situ repir work. [see sample answer] 8. Make an uplift force calculations for a GRP underground tank 24 cu.m capacity. Suggest the size of hold- down wire-rope and turnbuckle. [see sample answer]
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