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Work Experience Almunif Pipes Company, Riyadh, KSA - 2012 to 2017, as Technical Manager He was hired in 2012 to fix a production issue at their Riyadh plant. The plant was commissioned 6 months earlier but could not go into commercial operation due to some technical problems. After a week, the plant was in full commercial operation and eventually he was offered the post of a technical manager which he readily accepted and worked for 5 years. Two years before leaving the company in 2017, he spearheaded the construction and setting up of a new production facilities in Sudair, Saudi Arabia some 150 Kms from Riyadh.
Almangour Fiberglass Factories, Jeddah, KSA - 1989 to 2002, as Production/Technical Manager Here are the highlights of his accomplishments: 1. Passed a UL-listing accreditation for underground fuel tanks; 2. Won a number of projects both locally and abroad; 3. Has produced and delivered over 10,000 units of GRP tanks and process vessels; 4. Successfully accomplished special GRP projects one of which was the light- weight fuel transport tanks made of GRP. A project specially requested by the government of Saudi Arabia during the Gulf war. The idea was to allow fuel tankers to be driven at top speed by keeping the weight of the tank itselft to the barest minimum (which is doable only in GRP). The problem was, the fuel inside the tank causes the building up of electrostatic current and could not be dessipated to the ground because GRP is non-conductive. That makes the tanker vulnerable for self- explosion on transit. With the help of his Japanese friend, the problem can be mitigated using a carbon fiber surface tissue which at that time was only in its development stage. Somehow, the Japanese company was able to supply the much-needed material and the project was completed on time. 5. It was in Almangour where he first introduced his FRPD system software development. It was fully implemented in Sales, Production, Fabrication, Store, Yard, Personnel, and QC departments.
ACWAPIPE Company, Dammam, KSA - 2009 to 2012, as Production Manager He joined ACWAPIPE in 2009 to setup the GRP and GRE manufac- turing plants. The 2 CFW production lines (DN300 to DN4000) and 2 GRE production lines (DN25 to DN1200) is loacated in Dammam and another plant in Rabigh with production range from DN300 to DN2600). Like Al-Watany, he developed for ACWAPIPE all the process documen- tations for production, fabrication, technical office, quality-control, ware- housing, store management,and pipe packaging and dispatching.He in- troduced his FRPD system App, implemented it for the duration of his stay.
Al-Watany Fiberglass Manufacturing Company, Kuwait - 2002 to 2008, as Production Manager Al-Watany was into Polymer Concrete Pipes and Manholes Manufacturing at the time of his joining the company. In November of 2002, plant design was initiated along with the procurement of machineries and raw materials and with him spearheading all the activities. A year later, the plant was into commercial operation. Pipe size range from DN300 to DN2600 with 3 CFW production lines, fixed-madrel winding plant with dia- meters up to 4,500mm for GRP tanks and vessels.
Almunif’s new plant in Sudair, KSA.
Almunif’s Sulai, Riyadh plant facility.
ACWAPIPE, Dammam plant facility, manufacturing GRP/GRE pipes and Fittings, and manholes.
Almangour, Jeddah plant facility producing large-capacity tanks and process vessels.
Al-Watany, Kuwait plant facility making large-capacity tanks and process vessels.Pipes & Fittings


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