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Ideal location for Continuous Filament Winding Machine is a dry climate

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) pipes are widely used in various industries due to their superior properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. These pipes are manufactured using different processes, and one of the most popular methods is continuous filament winding. In this process, the raw materials such as glass rovings, silica sand, and resin are continuously wound on a rotating mandrel to form a pipe. However, the location of the manufacturing unit plays a crucial role in the quality of the final product.
As mentioned in the title of this blog, the location of the manufacturing unit is critical for the continuous filament winding process. The reason behind this is the presence of moisture in the air, which can impact the quality of the final product. If the air is humid, then the raw materials such as glass rovings and silica sand can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. When these materials are charged to the machine, the trapped moisture can result in pipe delamination, leading to a waste of material and time.
However, if you must set up the manufacturing unit in a humid area, then it is essential to take appropriate measures to remove moisture from the raw materials before charging them to the machine. If your location is in Riyadh area, then you are blessed with the climate conducive for continuous filament winding production, take full advantage of it.
And, also the hustle it entails during stoppage and restast brought about by the many production challenges caused by high humid environment. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a manufacturing unit for GRP pipes using the continuous filament winding process, it is crucial to consider the location carefully. A dry climate is ideal for this process as it eliminates the need for pre-treatment of raw materials and ensures high-quality production.
This is a newly built continuous filament winding plant located in Riyadh area, and in my opinion, this is a very good investment and a big potential for a very successful operation.
This continuous filament winding manufacturing facility was built in 2010 in Dammam area with 2 CFW production line and 3 GRE line. I was part of the design of the plant and operated it to commercial production for 5 years.
From personal experience, it has been proven that the operation of the continuous filament winding machine is much better in a dry climate as compared to a humid climate. For instance, operating the machine in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which has a dry climate, did not require pre-treatment of the raw materials to remove moisture. However, when operating the machine in humid areas such as Kuwait and Dammam, the raw materials had to be pre-treated to remove moisture, which added an extra step to the manufacturing process.
If you had experienced running the continuous filament winding machine in high humid area, and dry climate, you will definitely see the huge difference.
This continuous filament winding machine about to be installed, is manufactured by Technobell
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