Barangay Information Management System (BIMS)

Barangay Information Management App in the Philippines and how this app helps to organize the records of the Barangay office, streamline the downloading of the national government's social services more efficiently, and automate the creation of Barangay clearances. But first, let's define what a Barangay is. A Barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. It is often described as a village or a district, and it is headed by a Barangay captain or Barangay chairperson. The Barangay is responsible for the delivery of basic services and governance within its jurisdiction, such as maintaining peace and order, ensuring the delivery of health and social services, and promoting the general welfare of its constituents. However, despite the importance of the Barangay in the Philippine administrative system, many Barangays face the challenge of organizing their records and information, especially with the increase of their constituents over the years. This is where the Barangay Information Management App comes in. The Barangay Information Management App is a Windows desktop-based application that aims to help Barangays organize their records, streamline the downloading of national government social services, and automate the creation of Barangay clearances. This app was developed by Elias Quijano with copyright under his name. One of the primary features of the app is its ability to organize the records of the Barangay office. The app provides a platform for the Barangay to store, manage, and access their constituents' information easily. This includes personal information such as their name, address, age, and other relevant details. This system ensures that all records are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. The second significant feature of the app is its ability to streamline the downloading of national government social services. Before the app, the process of downloading social services from the national government was time-consuming and involved a lot of guesswork. However, with the Barangay Information Management App, the process has become more efficient, allowing Barangays to download social services quickly and more easily. The third major feature of the app is its ability to automate the creation of Barangay clearances. A Barangay clearance is an official document that certifies that the person named in the document is a resident of the Barangay and has no criminal record. This document is often required for various transactions, such as employment, travel, or education. With the app, Barangays can create Barangay clearances easily, accurately, and efficiently. This process saves time and effort for both the Barangay and the person who needs the clearance. So, how does the app work in practice? First, the Barangay office needs to input their constituents' information into the system. This information is then stored in the app's database, which can be accessed by authorized personnel within the Barangay office. Whenever the Barangay needs to download social services fto its constituents, they can do so easily by logging into the app and selecting the appropriate information. Likewise, creating a Barangay clearance is also easy with the app. The Barangay office can input the necessary information, such as the name of the person requesting the clearance and their purpose for requesting it. The app will then generate the Barangay clearance, which can be printed and issued to the person requesting it. In conclusion, the Barangay Information Management App is a valuable tool for Barangays in the Philippines. With its ability to organize records, streamline the downloading of social services, and automate the creation of Barangay clearances, this app makes the administrative processes of the Barangay more efficient, accurate, and time-saving.

Bims App

Developed under the LIANJA DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT PLATFORM ver. 5.5.1 for Windows Desktop. It consist of 8 Apps to help the

Barangay Office develop its own database system. Bims App is copyrighted under certificate number: N-2021-00597, Elias Quijano.

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This is the Homepage of the Bims App

The constituent’s house is registered and its

location is displayed in Google Map. You can

also, make a sketch for the location, and

insert it into Bims.

Then, you register the occupants of the house

with their photo and fingerprint.

Once that Barangay constituent is registered,

delivering services like requesting for a

Barangay Clearance is fast and the data

is reliable. Barangay being the smallest unit

in Philippine government, requires secure and

reliable information of its constituents.

Changing your logo and letterhead is quck and

easy along with the other built-in facilities of

Bims, like data backup and restore.

Barangay Services activities can be well-recorded

and photos of such undertakings can be inserted

into any participating constituent, such as the

vaccination roll-out of the National Governent, and

the ayuda doll out, etc.