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Youtube Videos Water-Refilling Station (WRS) Videos Title: “How to ensure that the water we purchased is clean and safe to drink”
In this video, we discuss how to ensure that the water we purchase is clean and safe to drink. We go over the guidelines provided by the 2017-0010 DOH administrative order, which outlines the standards that drinking water should meet to be considered safe. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the water you and your family consume is of the highest quality. In this video I will share the 3 most important tips to make sure the water we are buying is safe for drinking. 1 . First, let's look at the administrative order 0010, which parameters can tell us that our water is safe to drink. In Annex B-1, there are 10, mandatory drinking water quality parameters 2 . Second, in order to purchase drinking water, please check their regular water lab test report from a DOH-approved water testing laboratory 3 . Third, if you are still in doubt, you will have to test your own water. Let's check in our area, where there is a DOH-approved, water testing laboratory.
00:00 - Introduction 00:14 - Paano makasisiguro na binibiling tubig ay ligtas inumin 00:40 - PNSDW 2017 01:10 - Nagpalabas ng AO No. 0010 02:39 - 10 mandatory water quality parameters in AO#0010 05:41 - Pangalawang gagawin para makasiguro 06:18 - Pangatlong gagawin para makasiguro 07:50 - WRS App for Windows PC
How to ensure that the water we purchased is clean and safe to drink
In this video, I will show you how to make sure the water we purchased from WRS is safe to drink by talking in detail the 3 important tips.
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