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Pipes & Fittings is one of the many products of the industry,  made of  composite materials of Glass-Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Glass- Reinforced  Epoxy (GRE), and Glass- Reinforced Vinyl Ester (GRV) designed to meet applicable international standards.   The   GRP, GRE, GRV pipe manufacturing industry has seen immense growth and development in the last few      years. Manufacturers often find themselves burdened   with continuous   quotation- making, drafting, and product-releasing needs.      Some face the struggle of    obtaining the    right talent on a limited budget;    others    experience business growth or changes that    overwhelm existing staff members.   And there are those who are     plagued     with     worries about     increasing overhead costs If your business faces any of these concerns, then you have come to the right place. EPFComposite BackOffice Support is the one- stop-shop solution for you. Our company, made up of a team of highly-skilled professionals, are on-hand to address your day-to-day business needs remotely.   Quotation prepa ra tio n. Send us y our inquiries via email, and we will prepare the quotations that will be sent back to you, print-ready, and simply awaiting your signature to mak e it official.  
Here’s how we can support your GRP business  
Drafting jobs. For drafting jobs, send us via email the specifications that you need and our team of specialists  will draw it up for you using the latest drafting and rendering programs. Product-releasing. For product-releasing, we are prepared to tailor-fit to your system should one already be in place, or even develop one for your company. In GRP manufacturing, we understand that every product has to be precisely designed and comply to customer requirements, while adhering to the highest international standards, and still provide you with a good margin for your profit. Helmed by an expert in the field with over 34 years of experience, EPFComposite offers to you an extensive knowledge and experience that is ready to support you in your business needs. If you feel we can provide services to your orgnization, please give us a call today. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.